Please bravely try what you were afraid of, and keep breaking through yourself


Please bravely try what you were afraid of, and keep breaking through yourself

Global Mobility

One person can go very fast, but a group of people can go very far.

My personality likes to express opinions. As the chairperson of the department’s student organization, I fight for the rights of students, and I am responsible for paying attention to the progress of activities appropriately, planning meeting schedules, notifying cadres and ensuring that records are kept for every discussion.

There will be a lot of preparations for each event. For the three-day and two-night freshman training camp, there will be nearly 300 participants, and the preparation period will be as long as three months. Hard work is actually only understood by organizers.


Welcome Camp


Serving as the president of the departmental society


There are many experimental courses in the Department of Chemical Engineering

Cross-Strait Joint University

The "Cross-Strait Joint University" held in Shanghai was a two-week exchange event. Apply for registration through the Office of International Affairs to experience different teaching methods in different schools and get out of the comfort zone; at Tongji University, participate in communication skills courses. Since the students participating in the activity come from three places, the cultural and personal differences of students from different countries can be observed.


Visit to Shanghai TV Station


Participate in the joint university of the three places

By|Department of Chemical Engineering - Gao,Yu-Fan

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