Difficulties are opportunities, work hard in difficult places to enhance your value


Difficulties are opportunities, work hard in difficult places to enhance your value

Global Mobility

When I was in high school, I was so busy with clubs and studies. I was taken into five subjects at a time. I didn't know what I was good at. In my college elective application, I got admitted to Feng Chia University Department of Accounting by accidentally.

I used to have no idea what accounting is. After getting in touch, I realized that I love accounting more than the subjects I studied in high school.

The biggest difference between university and high school is that you have to "take the initiative" to learn, especially when you are away from home. When no one tells you what time to do, you are the leader of life. If you want to live a life, you must yourself Strive to live!

Three parts of my university life: part-time work, extracurricular activities and study

Being a university Chinese teaching assistant

In the junior year, being a university Chinese teaching assistant, he needed to communicate with the teacher; although the work was complicated at the beginning, he learned and grew from it.In the end, he also served as the chairperson of the first debate finals for each speech, and had the opportunity to interview night market food and write publications, and also met a group of good partners.


Serving as a university Chinese teaching assistant

Part-time work in foreign language center

In my junior year, I used my free time as a work-student at the Foreign Language Center. I must always understand the questions that students may ask and the activities organized by the Foreign Language Center. When there are students’ inquiries, I will respond immediately to provide assistance. Sometimes there are foreign language teachers. As well as students coming to ask, you can also practice a second foreign language by the way!


Use free time to work as a student in the foreign language center

Join the computer audit team of Department of Accounting

Nowadays, more and more companies computerize accounting processing, and the department’s computer audit team is teaching us how to use computers to audit accounts. Successfully passed the JCCP Jack computer audit software application and also won the National Taipei University of Business competition. Opportunity and on behalf of the presentation.


The computer audit team in the department is teaching us how to use computers to check accounts

Ministry of Science and Technology - Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Participation Project for Cross-Field Engineering Talents - Kikushima Entrepreneur

I took the "Judao Entrepreneur" course at the Interdisciplinary School of Design, mainly to assist the local family support center in Penghu to design an in-depth trip so that parents of disadvantaged children can earn extra income.

From the prototype stage of the small trip to the present, it is slowly finalized. I can actually participate in the planning and discussion and assist the formation of social enterprises. I am very moved.

Because of this course, I have gone to Penghu three times with public subsidies. I experienced the beauty of Penghu in different seasons and met a group of like-minded friends.

The innovative learning mode of d. School is very different from the usual way of teaching professional subjects. The teacher will give us directions and let us learn independently. Through job rotation, I learned many different skills and gained a lot.

Participated in the Xiamen University Study Tour - Hokkien culture Study Summer Camp for University Students on Both Sides of the Taiwan Strait

There are many study tours and exchange meetings in the International Affairs Office. I participated in the Minnan Culture Study Camp at Xiamen University.I think each journey has something worth remembering. When you are willing to open your heart, you will get more and different results!The boarding and lodging for participating in the study tour in the mainland area is completely free. You only need to pay for the air ticket and Taiwan compatriot certificate. When you come back, you will provide ten hours of service. It is really worth it!


There are many opportunities for study tours and exchanges in the International Affairs Office

Busy and fulfilling university life

Treating difficulties as opportunities, working hard in the more difficult places, can enhance your own value. And because of this idea, you can treat everything as interesting. When facing setbacks and pressures, you can naturally deploy them appropriately. A university is like a database, with a lot of rich resources, you have to dig and use it yourself.

I work very hard in my life, not only in extracurricular activities, but also in schoolwork, and I have always been among the top four in the class. It’s easy to be a gifted student in books, and it’s another challenge to be a gifted student in life, so I always have a belief: "You have to work hard to look effortless."

Because of various experiences and a responsible attitude towards life, I was able to talk freely during the recruitment of talents on campus in my senior year and successfully admitted to the Big Four accounting firms; so if you want to enter the Big Four accounting firms, you must Before the senior year, prepare early and "live life" well. The most important thing is that you are worthy of yourself, that is the real life!

Finally, I would like to give you a message: "Always review the results of your own efforts, and naturally move forward in the direction of progress." Let's work hard for life together!

By|Department of Accounting - Syu,Ya-Ting

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